Heart’s Whispers!

My journey into tutoring started out last summer when I looked at a #franchise opportunity imparting Math & English #Tuitions to students from age of 7 to 15 years old. Its been now 6 months since inception and 5 weeks since our first tutoring session. It has required much research, planning, compliance & co-ordination. From… Continue reading Heart’s Whispers!

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What is going on with our NHS!!?

The following post including many of the slides is based on the TEDx Talk by Allyson Pollock – link provided at the bottom- highly recommended! Here I will share a brief history of the NHS, the reason & core principles behind its creations. I will introduce Health & Social Care Act 2012, the possible reasons… Continue reading What is going on with our NHS!!?

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UK: Inflation, Cost of Living, Wages & Living Standards

Definition “Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and, consequently, the purchasing power of currency is falling” So for instance….   So if you notice, whilst between 2015-16 it would be reported that inflation has fallen, the actual price and or cost has still gone up!!… Continue reading UK: Inflation, Cost of Living, Wages & Living Standards

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Is UK Defence safe in Tory hands?

We hear a lot of criticism in the media about how it would be a risk to our defence if Labour got into power. Here I’ll show the state of our Armed Forces as it is under a Conservative government. Current Spending Defence Spending by country – UK being one of the top spenders. According… Continue reading Is UK Defence safe in Tory hands?

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The Rigged System Explained

Propaganda We are constantly told on television by pundits that to grow our economy we need to slash taxes for the large firms. What does that really mean and how is that supposed to work. What is the reality? I will explore these whilst keeping language simple and easy to understand. The false narrative So… Continue reading The Rigged System Explained